Koch & Schreiner
Individual and exclusive kitchen furniture.
Planned by the chef and constructed by the master.

The problem:
"The work board must be clean!"

Since the beginning of my training as a cook in 1994, I've been haunted by the need to dispose of kitchen waste. Be it the asparagus bowls that have been processed into a fund or simply waste, bowls and other things. What happens when you work in the kitchen? So grabbed under the work board with both hands and off to the bio bin. Everyone is probably familiar with this: some of the waste always falls next to it and / or you have to take the second course for disposal ...
In the private environment, a circumstance that may be covered with self-opening rubbish bins or with modern push-to-open functions, but certainly does not offer an optimal solution.


The idea:
"Short ways to a clean work board"

It has always been my wish to dispose of kitchen waste as quickly as possible and best in one operation. A look into the past: When it comes to upcoming work, the first thing that always has to be done is to get a portable waste container for onion skins or the like from the kitchen cupboard and put it in the workplace. Then, after completion of the announced work - or sometimes in between - this vessel also had to be emptied and then washed off. And every time there was a strange object in my kitchen around my workplace ... A sad condition, and a real no-go in my new kitchen that I planned.


The solution:

Together with master carpenter Michael Advena, I have therefore succeeded in developing an answer tailored to my needs !!! My requirements were clearly defined: a versatile kitchen trolley that had to be both work and design furniture. In addition, it can be used variably: sometimes as a work surface for making pasta with my children, sometimes as a cutting area for the onion soup, sometimes as a chopping block for gutting and filling the Christmas goose and also sometimes as a sideboard for a cold finger food buffet when friends come. But then please move, so with castors; because there has to be so much flexibility. And logo: the "bio-hole" had to be there! An organic waste bin integrated in the drawer, in which waste can be disposed of directly without detours.


The product:

The result is a kitchen trolley tailor-made for my kitchen with a solid oak industrial cutting board made of oak. The oak work surface is sealed with linseed oil and has an antibacterial effect due to its tannic acid. Black lacquered steel together with individually designed Corten steel form the framework of the solid worktop with an organic waste bin integrated in the drawer.
In pure manual work and, depending on the dimensions, almost 50 precisely cut individual pieces, an individual and food-safe work surface has been created that is both water-resistant, as mentioned, antibacterial and particularly gentle on the blade. The side handle bar also offers good handling and the integrated wheels ensure flexible location selection, depending on requirements.


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Cutting boards by Mario Kotaska

One brand - three products - your advantage



In passionate collaboration, celebrity chef Mario Kotaska and traditional carpenter Michael Advena have succeeded in combining professional and masterly skills: True to the motto Koch & Schreiner, the two managed to develop an exclusive and a new cutting board series based on deep friendship in a passionate symbiosis.
Furthermore, high-quality grill boards complete the range as an "insider tip from the BBQ scene".
Everything according to the requirements of a professional chef and the requirements of a master craftsman!
The result is a series that impresses with three products and will enrich your showroom with a modern presentation!

On the one hand, high-quality and individual headwood cutting boards made of solid oak have been created.
With personally selected raw materials, each piece is unique, almost indestructible and made in Cologne.
A traditional masterpiece of oiled oak with a handle. Of course with Mario Kotaska brand signature.

On the other hand, thanks to a sustainable rediscovery of raw materials, a real all-round talent: dishwasher-safe, durable and heat-resistant up to 175 ° C. Blade-friendly and even halal-certified cutting boards made from environmentally friendly wood fiber material for every taste and for every job. Working size optimized by the chef, perfectly crafted by the master and therefore suitable for every hobby and professional.


The product carrier is completed by a real insider tip from the BBQ scene:
"Plank grilling" is already extremely popular in the USA and Canada. With the red cedar grill boards of the Mario Kotaska Edition, your customers can now also achieve unique aromatic gourmet grill experiences. Can be used for charcoal, gas and electric grills, but also in the oven.