The Jagla family of pharmacists from Wuppertal have been producing exquisite herbal bitters with 35% vol for decades and have passed the well-guarded recipes on from generation to generation. Dr. Christina Jagla is a pharmacist by training and is now managing director at Dr. Jaglas is busy with manufacture, further development and sales. It ensures that you can also enjoy these special herbal bitters outside of the Bergisches Land.




Every good meal needs a recipe.

We use a centuries old.


The Jaglas have been producing traditional recipes in their pharmacy for decades and are constantly developing them.
The German Pharmacopoeia, old compendia and traditional herbalism serve as orientation.

Through the further development to the brand Dr. Jaglas these specialties can now also be found outside

of the Bergisches Land in delicatessen shops, selected retail and upscale gastronomy.



What is special about Dr. Jaglas?


• Development and production in our own pharmacy
• High quality standards for purity and the content of macerated herbs
• Without artificial colors / preservatives / flavorings, without sugar couleur
• Carefully selected bitter herbs, roots and berries (such as centaury, lemon & maca roots)

which are more familiar from medicine than from food.
• High quality herbs like ginseng, saffron and nutmeg
• Powerfully balanced, lovely start with a long finish
• Elixirs taste good as a teaspoon after a meal, pure (eg with ice cubes as a digestif or aperitif)

and as a basis for drinks, for example with tonic and lime.

• Powerful balanced sweet start with a long finish



You can look forward to a 40% margin on the entire range and 2 months of currency.

Shipping is free of charge.


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Inquiries from gastronomy or retailers are welcome with the note "connoisseur and gourmet"

to Dr. Christina Jagla / c.jagla@dr-jaglas.de / +49 (0) 30 469 955 60