The beginning of our story, which begins in 1899, is the British engineer James Marshall. When his wife fell ill in Canada

James made her a support mattress by hand with spiral springs sewn into muslin.

The result was unimagined comfort.

But it wasn't until 1901 that the revolutionary design found its way to the UK - thanks to John Nolon and Frederick James.

They decided to commercialize the mattress and founded the Marshall Sanitary Mattress Company in 1901.

An ocean full of luxury

In 1911 ocean liners were the way to travel. And they brought Vispring (as the company was now called)

the first major orders. The tailor-made comfort of a Vispring mattress perfectly matched the opulent cabins

and suites of the most distinguished ships in the world, such as the Titanic or the Olympic.



Over the years, the experienced Vispring bed builders experimented with new mattress fillings.

They introduced even more natural fillers such as horsehair, pure cotton and Shetland wool

as well as luxurious outer materials such as silk and cashmere. In 1932 Vispring helped to create the first divan

Pocket spring core of the world, which is attributed to an ultimate sleeping experience.




After decades of innovation and countless bespoke mattresses, Vispring won the Queen's Award in 2012

for Enterprise. This award recognizes companies that are active in the areas of international trade,

Could distinguish innovation or sustainable development. It is one of the successes we are particularly proud of.



Today Vispring beds are found in 50 countries around the world. They are offered in over 500 stores.

The perfect night's sleep is now open to more people than ever. But also in view of our growth and ours

We remain true to our own development and continue to stand for what has always characterized us:

custom-made and hand-made luxury beds like over 100 years ago.

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