Anyone who has never heard, seen or read anything from BOS FOOD will find that

that we have a huge selection of high-quality products from the world of culinary art for you.


BOS FOOD is a company that supplies the upscale and star gastronomy with the raw materials,

with which cooking at the highest level is only possible.


But who is behind BOS FOOD, what makes us what we are today? The No. 1 delicatessen in Germany, a center of excellence for food and molecular kitchen techniques, as well as for low-temperature cooking and original US barbecu. A company with over 200 employees. They follow a philosophy that seems to have fallen out of time: with us, the customer was and is king.


Members of the connoisseurs & gourmets receive on their shopping at BOS FOOD

a 10% discount on retail prices.

Due to the statutory book price fixing, books are

unfortunately excluded from the discount.