Your passion for good food, fine wines and luxurious hotels is our incentive to spoil you with our offers.



Connoisseurs & gourmets

"I have a very simple taste: I'm always happy with the best.

” You can do better than the famous Irish poet Oscar Wilde not to sum up his claim to life.


That's why we don't try - we just follow it.

Our members can rest assured that we too can only with are satisfied with the best: with the best hotels, the best Restaurants, the best locations and the best food producers.


The connoisseurs & gourmets are managed by People aiming for a goal:

You want to meet the high quality standards of the members.

Together with their exclusive partners, the Connoisseurs & gourmets around these wishes.


All good things come in threes

Your benefits at a glanze. 

1. You will enjoy the best offers from fine hotels, restaurants, locations and food producers.


2. You get quality at all levels.


3. You can simply register and benefit from our gourmet and lifestyle partners every day.

Annual membership for 1 person

49 € VAT included

Annual membership for 2 people

69 € VAT included

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